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What is Safelink Generator

The Safelink Generator widget automatically converts or modifies links.A website that uses safelink on blogspot has an intermediary that the user must address before reaching the final destination. The safelink technique is frequently used on blogs with content that can be downloaded because advertising in Safelink can boost revenue.

Advertisement publishers rely on Safelink as a means of displaying their advertisements and increasing their revenue. Why not just make use of the safelink generator widget if you can earn more money from ads?Blogger safelinks are used on all websites, not just blogs with content that can be downloaded. Safelink has been utilized by numerous blogs in conjunction with bloggers due to its promising earnings.Why don't you just use this safelink if you can make more money from ads?

Safelink Download Page is a page used to provide download links for your website. This Script is perfect makes this download page, and download page increase bounce rate.


This Safelink Download Page For Multiple Download Link makes it possible for you to use all the download links on the website through only one download page on your website. This will help you to control the size of your website.


How its Works?

Once you have this "Safelink Download Page" script installed on your website you need to create and add some additional sections to the download page link. Once you have done this a animation percentage circle will run of 10-20 seconds of which will gradually begin to decrease. Your download link will be automatically redirected when the download timer touches 100%. This is how this script works.


  • Increase Your Adsense Earnings
  • Optimize your Website Bounce Rate
  • You can add Adsense or Other Ad network Script Easily
  • You can content on this Download Page
  • This Download Page Maybe attracted Some Visitors


  • This Script maybe Irritate Some Visitors
  • If you set too much time on your Download Page your website visitor will even exit the website.
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