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Plus Ui 2.6.2 Blogger Template Free 2023

Plus Ui 2.6.2 Premium Blogger Template is a tweaked, modified version of Jago Desain's Median UI templates.
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Short Note

The Median UI Template for Blogger was created by Jagodesain, who is most likely very familiar to most of you. Due to its distinctive design, fast loading etc, a Blogger template can be considered national for you as a blogger. Additionally, I recently discovered Plus UI Responsive Blogger Template, a Blogger or Blogspot template that is beautifully edited from Median UI, IMagz & Fletro Template.

    About Plus UI

    Plus UI is a tweaked version of Jagodesain's Median UI templates that has more features and a better look and feel. Deo Kumar has created the Plus UI 2.6.2 Premium blogger template, which includes advanced customizations and features.


    Maker developed the Plus UI, a one-of-a-kind Blogger template, with the assistance of Imagz and Median UI Blogger Template. Plus UI also includes the Median UI Dashboard and IMagz Landing Page, and UI Concept also includes the footer of the Fletro pro template.

    Features Of Plus Ui 2.6.2 Premium Blogger Template

    So, below you'll browse some special options of Plus Ui 2.6.2 theme and for those that wish to understand full options of this theme then check Demo website and if won't appropriate for you then you'll checkout alternative Premium blogger guide on Tech and Fun Zone for free of charge.

    Premium Version Features

    Plus Ui 2.6.2 Premium Blogger Template has lots of premium features. I have Described the premium features of this theme below. Check it out.

    Also Plus UI V2.6.2 accompanies more extra elements that make these layouts remarkable and one won't track down these sorts of highlights in any format. The main highlights of this Plus UI Blogger Template are its unique Dashboard UI design, auto CSS fewer pages design, realtime views, maintenance mode, quick edit, bookmark posts, theme color, music player, countdown download box, anti-ad blocker, cookie consent, country block, no internet connection, forced javascript, google translate, safelink, and article rating.

    we are providing Plus UI Premium Blogger Template Zip File, but My opinion is to Buy this template from there respected Author. Because this template author has work very hard to Create this theme .

    What's New in Plus UI 2.6.2

    1. Pages has undergone a few modifications.
    2. The Sitemap Page has been modified by us. It will now also display the post thumbnail.
    3. Form Submit Messages Notification Has Been Redesigned.
    4. Added a section where posts with a particular label will appear.
    5. Added a Views Counter in Plus UI v2.6 that uses the Firebase Database to store views count because some people want it on their posts.
    6. Visitors will be able to save or bookmark posts so that they can read them later with this add-on. Because bookmark posts are stored in Local Storage, all bookmarked posts will also be deleted whenever visitors clear the cookies or data on the site.
    7. The mode, Light or Dark, will automatically change in accordance with the Device Color Scheme if System Default is selected by users.
    8. Allow your guests to pick their number one Theme for your Blog. You can select any color from the available 10 theme colors.
    9. Are you searching for a Music Player for your Blogger blog? With Plus UI v2.6, you can play MP3 audio files thanks to the Music Player.
    10. More to be added in upcoming updates.

    Plus Ui 2.6.2 Premium Blogger Template Free Download 👇

    Plus UI Premium Template.zip V2.6.2 Premium 112 KB .zip

    The File is Password Protected. Join the Telegram Channel and type #Plus-ui

    How to Install Plus Ui 2.6.2 Premium Blogger Template

    1. First of all you've got to Download the Plus Ui 2.6.2 Premium Blogger Template by clicking on the Download link.
    2. Then,After this, you guys ought to extract the *.zip* file with Password.
    3. After that you've got to look the *.xml* file.
    4. Open the .xml file into the any note editor (e.g: Notepad++).
    5. Now, copy the all codes within the file.
    6. Then, you've got to return to Blogger’s Dashboard and click on on the theme section.
    7. Now you've got to click on the Edit HTML Option and delete the all code who already has and paste the code that you Copied from the xml file.
    8. Click on Save, All Done !

    We are sharing content only for testing purpose and to help those who didn't afford money to buy, its not for commercial use. Please, If you think that it's working fine and have money then we highly recommend you to buy it from jagodesian. Because they have worked very hard to make it. If you are the owner of this content and you have problem with this then, Mail us[Contact Email- admin@techandfunzone.in], We will remove it as soon as Possible.


    Friends, If you need a latest free premium blogger templates this is one of the best. Because Plus Ui 2.6.2 Premium Blogger Template Free Download Initial Release in 2022.

    It's a fully Responsive Blogger templates. Using this Template in your blog you can get ranking on Google search. also your site can  approve by Google AdSense team.

    I hope this will be helpful for you guyzz. We hope this article would turn out to be useful for you. If you like this article, share it with your friends. If you have any issue regarding this feel free to comment down or Contact us.

    © Tech & Fun Zone

    About the Author

    Student | Blogger | Developer


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      The menu on the left gets an error when adding more than 5 links. When clicking the ''+'' button in the bottom of the page, the dropdown "more" become unclickable.

      Apart of this, very good theme. Will use it as default.

      1. Thank you for telling me the error you are facing....we will look into the error and will fix the issue asap. Keep Supporting.
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