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How to Delete Phone Pe Account 2022

Are you searching for a blog which will guide you on how to delete Phone Pe account in India? Then this Article is for you.
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Are you searching for a blog which will guide you on How to Delete Phone Pe account in India? Then this Article is for you. During this article, you'll get short and brief info regarding how you'll be able to learn how to delete Phone Pe Account simply.

How to delete Phone pe Account

Hello Friends, welcome to Tech and Fun Zone. Today we are going to look at how to delete phone pe account that you no longer need. Today People in most countries of the planet have begun to transfer cash through the net. particularly we've to return up with several processors supported UPI in the Asian nations, mostly in India.

These processors enable you to transfer cash directly from one Bank account to a different simply wherever you're. Indian folks these days have conjointly started victimization this facility principally. for instance, Google pays Google's UPI Android Application.

    About Phonepe Company

    Phonepe is a company owned by Flipkart. Phonepe may be a common mobile application supported by UPI, developed by burzin, Sameer Nigam, and Rahul Chari.

    PhonePe is India’s no one UPI application. By PhonePe, we will Recharge, Pay Bills (Electricity, Gas, Water, Broadband, Loan, etc), Shop, ticket Booking (Bus, Train, Flight, Cinema, etc) with a click from our Smartphone or Desktop. It saves our valuable time and that we can get some cashback too.

    Phonepe was founded in December 2015. During this era Paytm and phone pe became the leading UPI firms in the Asian nations.

    Google pay has been around for a protracted time. Plenty of people did not understand it then. It was solely once the introduction of Paytm and Phonepe that the information concerning online cash transfer began to grow among the Peoples. These days Google pay is that the premier company in India.

    Benefits of using PhonePe

    Paytm was widely utilized by all users before the arrival of Google pay and Phonepe. If there's a haul with Paytm then all the cash you send can go on to Paytm wallet so you'll get to send it to your Bank account. And it generally acted as a time delay. Now Paytm has performed higher however has been sluggish initially. Also, users faced many complex issues. Then in December 2015 once the installation of Phonepe, it introduced the facility of causation cash directly from one bank to a different. You won't pay directly into the wallet without your order.

    Also In PhonePe You can pay and receive cash directly from the bank. Not solely that, you'll get the cash in the wallet directly from the bank when you need it.

    Author Opinion

    Frankly speaking, I don’t advocate anyone to delete such quite useful apps. Since 2017, once UPI was launched, it helps us plenty and our valuable time. currently, we have a tendency to don’t got to attend Bank to transfer the balance from one account to a different.

    There are plenty of reasons behind How to delete PhonePe Account permanently. If you have got multiple PhonePe accounts then it will delete your account. additionally, if you have got switched your UPI-based number then additionally you'll shut one PhonePe account. A couple of users additionally delete PhonePe account because they claim that they are not giving cashback offers like before 😁.

    I have been using the Phonepe app for the last 2-3 years. I have never encountered any of those problems thus far. and I am recommending Phonepe to several of my friends. So, in my opinion, you can use your Phonepe Account without any fear. However, this is your choice.

    How to delete phone pe account

    Now we've got tons to find out regarding our primary topic. That's how to delete phone pe account. PhonePe doesn't formally provide any facility to delete users' accounts. But there's the simplest way on How to delete your Phone pe account. It should request you to contact Phonepe Customer care to delete your account. Doing this can delete your account Permanently in 2 or 3 days.

    How To Delete PhonePe Account Permanently?

    • Open PhonePe App >> Tap on the Profile Icon on the above section on the Left Side.
    • How to delete Phone pe Account

    • Now Tap on the question mark on the right side of the above section (?)
    • How to delete Phone pe Account

    • Now choose ‘My Phone Pe Account Details’ on the Help section.
    • How to delete Phone pe Account

    • Now Choose ‘Permanently Deleting my PhonePe Account’.
    • Now Select an option like ‘I am not happy with PhonePe’.
    • How to delete Phone pe Account

    • Now choose ‘Contact Support’ >> Select language.
    • Answer all your problems related to PhonePe. The Phonepe support team can contact you by phone or e-mail inside successive two or three days.
    • Voila! Your Phonepe Account will be permanently deleted once you confirm. 

    How to Delete Phone Pe Account through Website?

    • Open the PhonePe Official Website.
    • Next, log in to your account.
    • Next click on the Contact Us option.
    • Now a new window can open on your screen. 
    • There are 2 choices to contact the Phonepe support team. you'll be able to contact them by phone or email.
    • After you have got contacted them via either of those 2 ways in which, they're going to contact you within the next 2-3 days.
    • Your Phonepe Account will be permanently deleted once you confirm.

    Final words

    I hope this will be helpful for you guyzz. We hope this article How to delete Phone pe Account 2021 would turn out to be useful for you. If you like this article, share it along with your friends. If you have any issue regarding this feel free to comment down or Contact us.

    One more thing is to give your support to our site and share this post as much as you can.

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