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How to Create a Password Protected Page in Blogger?

You can create a password protected page in blogger blog with the help of this unique tutorial by tech and fun zone.
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You can create a password protected page in blogger blog with the help of this tutorial. Learn how to protect your Blogger static page using the password you choose. How can a password-protected page be set up?

Only WordPress Blogs can have a password-protected page, but what about Blogger? Is it possible to add passwords to certain pages to secure them?

Short Talk

Blogger was my favorite platform when I first started my tutorial blog. However, after a few years, many people switch to WordPress due to its simplicity and lack of customization options. Because Blogger is still limited in many ways, most issues can be resolved by doing some research online. I am accustomed to the Blogger platform and intend to stay there for the foreseeable future!

I tried to prevent visitors from being restricted from visiting my various pages, but the Blogger platform has not taken such precautions. because there are no plugins available for protecting a specific page in Blogger. Either you must make the Blog private or add a password to the entire blog. As a result, our primary goal won't help.

Benefits of Password Protected Page in Blogger

We have seen blog owners protect a page in WordPress Blog with a password so that VIP subscribers can access exclusive content. Let's say you've written an E-Book or any Script and want to distribute it only to subscribers of your blog.

You won't be able to restrict access to all visitors to Blogger in this situation. The Password Protected page functions flawlessly in this instance. Because subscribers to your blog won't be able to access the content page without a password.

The password-protected option is therefore required. You can get more people to subscribe to your blog, and your exclusive content won't be available to the public.

How to Create a Password Protected Page in Blogger?

Despite the page's status as "published," access to the shared blog content requires a password. After that, subscribers to your newsletter can be given the password. They can log in to view new content every day.

To create a password-protected page and invite customers to join your library, simply follow the steps below!

  1. Step #1:Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Step #2: Open those Pages which you want to Protect with Password.
  3. Step #3: Now choose HTML view instead of Compose view and copy the below script and paste it on the bottom of the page.
    <script type="text/javascript"> 
    /* Password Protection Script by www.techandfunzone.in*/
    var password = 'TechandFunZone'
    password=prompt('Please enter the password to enter this page:','');
    if (password != 'TechandFunZone') {
    location.href='PAGE URL HERE';


  5. Step #4:Replace TechandFunZone with page password.
  6. Step #5:Replace the PAGE URL HERE with the same page URL where you want to set a password.
  7. Step #6: Finally hit the publish or Update button.

For testing the password-protected page visit that page and see if it is the required password to get access.

You can check the demo by visiting the below Demo link and enter the Password TechandFunZone there.

I used straightforward JavaScript for this trick; all you have to do is create a password and then modify it to suit your preferences. Also, remember to change the URL of the page. Change the URL where the password is applied.

You can create a webpage with a password in just four easy steps! Now is the time to begin creating a VIP Library of amazing content that would compel your readers and potential subscribers to sign up for!

Happy blogging! Thank you.

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Therefore, this is the How to Create a Password Protected Page in Blogger? tutorial. I hope you will find this script useful. This script will work with All Browser. You can contact us or post a comment in the comment section if you encounter a problem or error.

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