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Advanced UI v1.0 Unique Blogger Template

Advanced UI Premium Blogger Template was made with the help of Plus UI, Median UI, Fletro, and Imagz with unique Customization.
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We'll talk about the Advanced UI blogger template today. Advanced UI is blogger-specific UI template. Numerous recently added features include: - Support for Safelink, Adblocker, the Bookmark feature, support for Google Translate, the Rating feature, and more. However, there are encrypted scripts in this theme that cannot be removed.

Template Details

advanced ui premium blogger template
Table of Contents

About Advanced UI Blogger template

Advanced UI Blogger template was made with the help of Plus UI, Median UI, Fletro, and Imagz with Beautiful Customization. It is developed by the admin of Tech and Fun Zone

One such blogger template that works well for all websites is Advanced UI. This template can be used once. Please read this post all the way to the end as I have detailed each feature of this template below.

Advanced UI is an enhanced version of Jagodesain's Median UI template that includes more features and has a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Tech and Fun Zone created the Advanced UI Blogger template, which has advanced customization options and features.

The one-of-a-kind Advanced UI Blogger template was created by Maker with the assistance of Imagz and Median UI Premium Blogger Template. UI Concept includes the Median UI Dashboard as well as the Fletro pro template footer.

Features Of Advanced UI Blogger template

So, below you'll browse some special options of Advanced UI Blogger template and for those that wish to understand full options of this theme then check Demo website and if won't appropriate for you then you'll checkout alternative Premium blogger guide on Tech and Fun Zone for free of charge.

Advanced UI

Name Advanced UI
Lisense Personal
Version 1.0
Developer Tech and Fun Zone
Author Tech and Fun Zone
Price RS 400 ($4.99)

Unique Features of Advanced UI

  • Realtime Views:- Views Counter for their posts in real time
  • Maintenance Mode:- If Maintenance Mode is enabled, viewers will not be able to access your website until a time that you specify so that you can modify your Blog. It won't show up every time a blog administrator visits.
  • Bookmark Posts:- Visitors will be able to save or bookmark posts with this add-on so they can read them later.
  • System Default Mode:- The mode, Light or Dark, will automatically change in accordance with the Device Color Scheme if System Default is selected by users.
  • Theme Color:- Allow your blog's visitors to select their preferred Theme Color. Any color you want can be set.
  • Music Player:- Are you searching for a Music Player for your Blogger blog? Advanced UI includes Music Player, which allows you to play MP3 audio files.....
  • Countdown Download Box:- This Download Box will be useful to you if you provide a file for download on your website.....
  • Anti Ad-Blocker:- toIt helps you to increase your ad Money..
  • Cookie Consent:- To get consent from users about cookies...
  • Country Block:- Stop people from certain countries from accessing your website..
  • No Internet Connection:- Inform users in the event of a lost internet connection..
  • Force Javascript:- Enables you to seamlessly serve ads and content..
  • Google Translate:- Multilingual Translate support.
  • Safelink :- Get more people to see your posts and make more money..
  • Article Rating :- User can react the Post with Emoji Reaction bar.
  • Profile Card :- It will display a unique profile card in the sidebar.

Premium Version Features

There are a lot of premium features in the Advanced UI Blogger template. The premium features of this theme are outlined below.

Additional features that set these layouts apart and are unavailable in any other format are included in Advanced UI as well. This Advanced UI Blogger template stands out from the competition primarily due to the unique Dashboard UI design, auto CSS fewer pages design, realtime views, maintenance mode, and many more functions.

What's New in Advanced UI Blogger template

  1. Sitemap Page Code Included Separately
  2. Contact Us Page Code Included Separately
  3. About Us Page Code Included Separately
  4. Tab Post, Split Post, Product Post Code Included Separately
  5. Pages has undergone a few modifications.
  6. The Sitemap Page has been modified by us. It will now also display the post thumbnail.
  7. Form Submit Messages Notification Has Been Redesigned.
  8. Added a section where posts with a particular label will appear.
  9. Added a Views Counter in Advanced UI v1.0 that uses the Firebase Database to store views count because some people want it on their posts.
  10. Visitors will be able to save or bookmark posts so that they can read them later with this add-on. Because bookmark posts are stored in Local Storage, all bookmarked posts will also be deleted whenever visitors clear the cookies or data on the site.
  11. The mode, Light or Dark, will automatically change in accordance with the Device Color Scheme if System Default is selected by users.
  12. Allow your guests to pick their number one Theme for your Blog. You can select any color from the available 10 theme colors.
  13. Are you searching for a Music Player for your Blogger blog? With Advanced UI v1.0, you can play MP3 audio files thanks to the Music Player.
  14. More to be added in upcoming updates.

Get Advanced UI Blogger template 👇

Install Advanced UI Blogger template

  1. First of all you've got to Download the Advanced UI Blogger template by clicking on the Download link above.
  2. Then,After this, you guys ought to extract the *.zip*.
  3. After that you've got to look the *.xml* file.
  4. Open the .xml file into the any note editor (e.g: Notepad++).
  5. Now, copy the all codes within the file.
  6. Then, you've got to return to Blogger’s Dashboard and click on on the theme section.
  7. Now you've got to click on the Edit HTML Option and delete the all code who already has and paste the code that you Copied from the xml file.
  8. Click on Save, All Done !


Friends, If you need a latest free premium blogger templates this is one of the best. Because Advanced UI Blogger template Initial Release in 2023 by TechandFunZone.

It's a fully Responsive Blogger template. Using this Template in your blog you can get ranking on Google search. also your site can  approve by Google AdSense team.

I hope this will be helpful for you guyzz. We hope this article would turn out to be useful for you. If you like this article, share it with your friends. If you have any issue regarding this feel free to comment down or Contact us.

Some FAQ's Related to the Post

The Developer of Advanced UI is the Admin of Tech and Fun Zone.
There is currently no free version of Advanced UI, but if you pay once, you will always receive free updates.
I'm going to say yes, and I think you can figure out why by reading this article.

Term's of use !
The templates or Scripts are for a personal use only. How personal can it get? Well, you are very much encouraged to download the template or Script of your choice and use it. But Personal means that you can’t make business out of our templates or Scripts. You are not allowed to sub-license, transfer, resell or republish any of the templates or scripts even for free.

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